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Russian Folk Songs: Music Genres and History, 2nd Edition Anthology of Russian Folk Songs

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Russian Folk Songs: Musical Genres and History
Russian Folk Songs is designed to acquaint educators with the richness and variety of the Russian folk musical tradition. The study is supplemented by over ninety musical examples and includes a comprehensive musical and poetic anthology, with lyrics in both Russian and English.

“A deftly written academic reference to a grand, ethnic, and enduring musical tradition.”
- Midwest Book Review

“A thoroughly usable book.”
- Choice

“Will Piano Lessons Make My Child Smarter?”
(Parade Magazine, June 14, 1998)

New scientific studies have shown that early musical training shapes children’s growing brains and boosts their learning pwere, aiding in the development of logic, abstract thinking, memory and creativity.

“Sikorsky’s Piano Man”
(Air&Space/Smithsonian, November, 2002)

On a chicken farm on Long Island 80 years ago, Igor Sikorsky had an unexpected encounter with one of the world’s most famous composers and pianists, Sergei Rachmaninoff. What transpired that day played a decisive role in the future of Sikorsky Aircraft.

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1. Non-Fiction Book
Russian Folk Songs: Musical Genres and History
Historical and classificational surveys of the musical genres of Russian folk songs. “A superbly presented study.”
- Midwest Book Review
2. Articles
“Will Piano Lessons Make My Child Smarter?”
Playing music may improve learning, memory, logic, and general creativity.
“Sikorsky’s Piano Man”
Rachmaninoff saves Sikorsky Aircraft from bankruptcy.